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Executive/Patient Safety and Quality/Balance/Life/Relationships


I enjoy helping people thrive in their career and personal life, especially healthcare providers who are struggling with compassion fatigue, stressful work and are exhausted and thus do limited self-care.  I want to help people discover they have opportunities to make changes which are more life-affirming, with self-compassion and yet become even more effective in serving others in healthcare.  I would like those healthcare workers to be better able to care deeply for patients and have mindful clinical focus. 

Another specialty is coaching of leaders, including physicians and other healthcare professionals, who may be struggling with abrasive behaviors.  The impact to patient safety with some behaviors is well-evidenced.  We work to create a focus on safety and quality.  Diane is being trained using the model from Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D., BCC, Founder, The Boss Whispering Institute. 

How Coaching Works--watch this video from WellCoaches


The Boss Whispering Institute



Private Individual Coaching

Seminars & Workshops/Telecourses

Group/Team Coaching

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